Log Verificator

Log Verificator v1.03

Log Verificator is a Windows program that allows you to find incorrect entries and duplicates in your Contest Log saved in EDI format. Log Verificator contains extensive Callbook from real contests and is very easy to control. Contest log can be saved under a new name so that your original log will remain intact.

Log Verificator is shareware software.  The callbook has more than 170,000 items.The trial version will work for 31 days.

Log Verificator

Log Verificator 1.03

I will be very grateful for all your comments and suggestions. 


Full version ready

The callbook contains more than 170,000 items

Thank you for your valuable comments. I will continue to improve Log Verificator.

Log Verificator is shareware software.

Log Verificator 01

Callbook – 170 000 Callsigns

If you have a serious interest in Log Verificator, please send me an email. Thank you, Peter – OM5APP

Release Notes

Bug 1. Corrected importing EDI file.   7/11/2018.

The full version is complete. 8/24/2018

New Calbook for Log Verificator 9/17/2018

Enhanced Callsigns database, to add an Internet-based error check to websites: www.hamqth.com and www.qrzcq.com 1/10/2019

User Manual

Log Veroficator